Projector & Screen Rentals

Light Up the Sound has several different projectors available for rental. Here a just a few ways previous clients have used them to enhance their event!

  • Show photos of the Wedding Party at Weddings
  • Transform a stage with logos and video loops
  • Enhance professional business meetings
  • Loop childhood photos at a Graduation
  • Make movie night drive-in movie night
  • There are so many possibilities, what could you use it for?

Projector Rentals & The Movie Experience

Looking for a new and different way to entertain your guests? THIS IS IT!

Light Up the Sound can help your movie experience come to life better than going to the movies. We provide sound systems, lights, projectors, projector screens and effect machines to help make your movie theater experience

unforgettable. Check out the video near Farmington Hills MI to get a taste of what we can do for you!

Projector/Screen Rentals are for up to 6 hours ($30/hr for additional time).

A $30/hour fee for any time after midnight.

Set up & tear down is included in all packages.

$300 security deposit is required if Light Up the Sound employee is not present at the event.

$180. One System Includes: 2 speakers w/stands,1 sub, Wireless Mic, Music for Ceremony
$360. Two Systems Include: 4 speakers w/stands, 2 subs, Wireless Mic, Music for Ceremony
$90. Haze Machines enhance all your lighting effects.
$80. More dense than a Haze Machine, Fog Machines also enhance lights but add a cloud-like effect over the area.
$72. Release bubbles for your Wedding Ceremony, or add some laughter to a Block Party on a hot summer day.
$85. Our Fog Machines shoot up to 15ft in the air! Led lights can change color of the fog.
Projector Rentals near Ann Arbor, MI
$180. Enhance your event with a custom slide show or graphics!
Projector Screen Rentals Ann Arbor MI
$60 for screen with projector rental, $90 for screen without projector rental.
$350. This package is great for behind the Bridal table, DJ, Entrance, cake or gift table.
$400. This is a great way to light up several tables or one small area.