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**All Special Effect Machines are for a 5 Hour Rental

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Bubble Machines, Haze Machines, Fog Machines 

Light Up the Sound gives you everything you need to make an amazing event all your guests will love.  From sound to lighting and more, Light Up the Sound provides effect machines and fog machine rental services near Ann Arbor, MI, to make your event extraordinary.  

From festivals to weddings, performances and parties of all kinds, Light Up the Sound provides everything you need to create memorable, stunning light, sound and special effects.  Working in tandem, light, sound and fog can create a completely new atmosphere and transform a room into your ideal setting.  Our experts will help you create a stunning romantic scene for young couples, newly married couples and other sweethearts to enjoy their first dances, or we can create a dramatic opening for a band, a bubble-filled playground for a party or a spectacular finale for any entertainment. 

Take a look at the haze, fog and bubble machines available to start envisioning your event.  We’ll take care of the lighting, sound and special effects for your event so you can sit back and enjoy.  Contact us today to learn more!

Fog Machine Rentals Ann Arbor MI

(248) 672 7373 

Bubble Machine $72 

Fog Machine Fury Jett $85

Haze Machine $90 

Bubble Machines are beautiful and whimsical

Release bubbles for your Wedding Ceremony or add some laughter to a Block Party on a hot summer day

Our Fog Machines shoot up to 15ft in the air!

More dense than a Haze Machine, Fog Machines also enhance lights but add  a cloud-like effect over the area

Haze Machines enhance all your lighting effects

Really make the dance floor pop by embellishing all the lights have to offer

 Effect Machines For Rent

Our Fog Machines shoot up to 15ft in the air! 

Led lights 

can change color of the fog. 

Fog Machine $80 

Milford MI. 48380


Disc Jockeys

The possibilities are endless! Invite us to your...
Wedding, Graduation, Birthday Party, Block Party, Church Event, Bar Mitzvah School Dance, Prom, 
Company  Party, Fashion Show or any Occasion! We also specialize in Stage Lighting!

Haze Machine Rentals Ann Arbor MI